Production territory is located in Calabria in Gioia Tauro Plain, where our company is situated. Gioia Tauro plain is well-known to agronomists and to sector operators too cause is the only place in the world where oranges (Navel e Valencia) and kiwi grow well ;

The sub-tropical climate, warm and temperate, characterized by rainy spring and autumn, make a ideals conditions for oranges and kiwi famous for their unique taste and nutritional value.

The most diffused citrus fruit variety in Calabria, are certainly the oranges Navel, Tarocco and Valencia, famous for their unique taste and the nutritional value. The clementines and the mandarins, and the tasty fruits of the Gioia Tauro Plain , represents an important sector of our production very appreciated in foreign Countries. With its climate, Calabria produces citrus fruit and kiwi of inimitable quality and notable value.

The Calabria with its warm-humid climate and middle mixture ground makes Gioia Tauro Plain one a unique zone of Italy for the production of good Kiwis. The care of the kiwi growings, the environment and the ground make of Calabria one of the greatest producers of kiwi that reaches the top in quality.