The company Le Cerasare operates with important success since many years in fruit and vegetable sector . The firm is a young and dynamics cooperative that commerce and supply citrus fruit (Oranges; Lemons; Clementine; Mandarins; ) .Overall the cooperative leads, in Calabria (South Italy) the production and the commerce of Kiwi ;

Seriousness, quality and overall the passion, represents at the same time a most important point to start for the control and selection of our citrus fruit and kiwi, while devotion to our job, large efficiency and the professional skill make us operating successfully in the international market
Passion and the strong feeling to our own beloved Land is a distinctive element for Company's philosophy. The quality of the products (fresh fruits like oranges and kiwi ) means the solemn pledge tending to the continuous improvement, to highest aim, to new possibilities of company's production development .
Lastely we have optimized the manufacturing cycle and products packaging process, establishing a strong synergy between traditional cultivations and high technologies of last generation.
The systematic controls operated by specialized staff during production, allowed us to stand out in international markets with great results..

The main aim of company is to valorize the competitiveness of the crop of the citrus fruit and the kiwis of Calabria keeping in mind the particularly suitable Calabrian land for this fruits (oranges and kiwi) and the Italian and international trade dynamics.
In other terms, we want rebuild the the Calabrian's image products through a continuous and systematic enhancement of the products quality, to makes the the supply in conformity with the demands in a scenery where fruits markets sector is more complex and competitive.
The firm is endowed with a large logistic sector (a wide number of refrigerated truck) that operates following procedures established by quality protocol , in other terms it means efficient delivering and the client certainty to receive always a fresh product picked.